33::174 – Explosions in the sky

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33::174 - Explosions in the sky

It was really cold and windy at first. Tien and I went up to the top of Russian hill, a few blocks from our house, and and stood there for 30 minutes as the crowd amassed. By the time the fireworks began shortly after 9:30 it felt much warmer. It was the first time either Tien or I had seen a proper firework show in SF and it was really beautiful.

33::172 – Tien at Fort McDowell

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33::172 - Tien at Fort McDowell

Tien and I went hiking on Angel Island today. I always love it there, and I always enjoy taking photos at Fort McDowell. I found this beautiful light coming in from outside and decided to compliment it with a beautiful girl.

This was my first time using the Eye-Fi outside of the city, and boy does it suck out there. No geotagging anywhere that you need it.