34::32 – At a wedding party

WarzauWynn posted a photo: 34::32 - At a wedding party Tien and I went to a wedding party for a friend that she went to Jr. High school with and hadn't seen in over 10 years. It's interesting to me that in VN culture that is what happens, you invite the whole village to your party. The party was at a nice hotel next to the Coop Mart in Long Xuyen. The groom spoke english, which was nice because I could congratulate him myself.


WarzauWynn posted a photo: 34::26 More and more I am disappointed by the colors I get from the T3i. I'm not 100% sure that it's the T3i though, it could be that I'm editing photos on the less-than-amazing screen on the 11" MBA. I don't think so though, because it's much easier to get the colors right on images taken with other cameras. In any case, I'll be posting a lot of B&W until I get rid of this T3i.

34::25 – Tien’s self portrait cake

WarzauWynn posted a photo: 34::25 - Tien's self portrait cake Today was Tien's 29th birthday, and since there's no cake shop in Binh Hoa, and since it's difficult for me to do things in secret, she ended up buying her own cake. She picked this one out because she said it looked like her, which I thought was absolutely adorable. Last year was dinner at Bobo's Steakhouse, this year was dinner on the kitchen floor.